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Assessment Process followed by LSBR, UK

Assessment Process

The Assessment is conducted with the purpose of evaluating, measuring, and documenting the academic readiness, learning progress, skill acquisition, or educational needs of the learner.

In the past, it was usually given in paper printouts and had to be handed out manually. Nowadays, we at LSBR follow 2 types of Assessment processes:

  • Online Assessment Tool, and
  • Submission of Assignments with No Written Examination

The online tool has an elaborate set of Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) which you as a learner attempt online using your own device from the comfort of your home, or office or while travelling.Β  You get to see your results and answers and get instant feedback about your chosen topic. The online tool saves you a lot of time and money.

In most of the programmes assessment is done via Submission of Assignments and there are No Written Examinations.

We follow a fairly extensive 3 stage Assessment Process to assess learners’ ability of adhering to the intended Learning outcomes for each module of study. We understand that it is fairly cumbersome for a working professional to squeeze time out of the busy schedule to sit for a dedicated assessment interaction.Β  Hence we have devised a fairly easy process where you are required to Submit Assignments adhering to the intended learning outcomes.

Below are the various stages being followed by us to assess your assignments towards final suitability for an award.

Step 1: Assessment

After completing your Assignment, each piece of your work is assessed to ensure that it has met the Learning Outcomes at the standard set by the Assessment Criteria

Step 2: Internal Verification

After the Assessment has been completed, Internal Verifier at LSBR will check the Assessment Decisions made by the original assessor to ensure they are valid and reliable

Step 3: External Verification

Upon completion of the Internal Verification, your assignment results will be sent

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