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LSBR Blog: Doubts students face during MBA application and how to overcome them

Doubts students face during MBA application and how to overcome them

Everyone has a phobia for certain things, whether it be heights or public speaking or tight spaces. And as the list of phobia people possess keeps increasing, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the MBA application process strikes fear in the hearts of some people. MBA applications stir a myriad of emotions from insecurities concerning your compatibility with the program to questions about how qualified you are for the program and even the costs.

While reading through this article on “Doubts students face during MBA application and how to overcome them”, you will have access to more reasons why prospective MBA students are in a constant state of fear and how they can begin getting rid of them.

1. Am I good enough for a top MBA program?

Majority of MBA applicants believe that they are not qualified enough for the program they are applying for. But the truth is students won’t ever apply, if the goal of admission is unachievable. So that fear Is unwarranted, and a piece of advice would be not to be too critical of yourself. Evaluate yourself based on your achievements. Take for instance, in the case of GMAT scores, even if you don’t fall within the acceptance range, the test could always be retaken, so there’s no need to fret. Also, put in mind that your acceptance depends on a range of factors (like your character, experiences and qualifications) other than your test scores.

2. Is my quantitative profile strong enough?

Top business schools won’t delay in shaking up your quantitative reasoning. In fact, during the first year of an MBA program in business schools, the curriculum would consist of courses like Economics for business & decision making, financial accounting, macroeconomics, and Data & decisions.

Brush-up your skills. At times fears that you might not have a strong enough background or be able to contribute in discussions or even be able to assimilate the course material may be valid. But with a little bit of rigorous preparation and substantial concentration, you could leave those fears in the dust. If you intend on applying to a top business school, it’ll help if you learn by utilising online education courses from sites like LSBR.UK, Khan Academy or Udemy


Doubts students face during MBA application and how to overcome them


3. Can I afford an MBA?

It’s ideal to question how you will provide for the costs for an MBA program, while also considering if it is worth the investment. Employ online education forums to give a guide on how to split the costs. The expenses of an MBA should be top of concern, but there is a need to place importance on support systems that reduce the hit of the costs. In certain scenarios, employers will assist in covering the costs and expenses of an MBA, because it is an asset for them as well in the long run.  An MBA goes a long way than just enhancing your management and critical thinking, but your employers could profit from the network of professionals you will gain from an MBA. Also, a lot of top business schools offer scholarships for both international and local students.

The average pay for graduates of MBA programs increase by more than 80% after three years, post-graduation

4. How can I make an MBA work with my full-time workload?

Every time an MBA comes to the mind of most students, a full-time MBA program is usually what they think about. The thought of attending school full time brings fear of challenges, especially how you will be able to maintain your job and concentrate on your academic objectives. Top business schools offer flexibility for professionals seeking to advance their credentials by offering executive MBAs or an Online MBA and evening-and-weekend programs.

Also considering a part-time MBA program and online education courses that could complement the program isn’t so much of a bad idea.

MBA for Executives

The Online MBA is a part-time MBA program that reconstructs your classes into a shorter time frame – your classmates are business executives like you also. You have a chance of not only gaining advanced management skills but a valuable network of business executives as well.  LSBR, UK offers you the option to complete your MBA in under 12 Months duration which are validated and awarded by some of the top tier UK Universities such as Anglia Ruskin University, University of Chichester, Buckinghamshire New University, Arden University and Northampton University.

Evening and weekend MBA

Evening and weekend classes permit students to further their professional career, on their own terms. You have the choice of an evening or weekend classes. Plus, while it is typically a three-year program, students can decide to hasten the program by taking a heavier load of courses.

Doubts students face during MBA application and how to overcome them


5. Do my professional passions align with an MBA?

If you consider it valuable to enhance your management and leadership skills, then an MBA is for you. An MBA program would equip you with a broad range of soft and hard skills that will help you earn a job you’d be excited about upon graduating. And every business professional needs a network of professionals in his/her field; a lot of business schools provide an option for iterating with alumni and classmates. So, making sure your network consist of exceptional professionals in your space won’t be so difficult to phantom.

6. How do I apply?

Go online and research on the program of your choice, and brushing up on the skills for that program by taking online education courses, or bagging high test scores that would increase your chances of admission. You should then, after that, begin the application process. Understanding where to start could be a little overwhelming and confusing, so moving forward you will be required to: submit transcripts, sit for a GMAT or GRE, write an essay and submit two letters of recommendation.  Or simply enrol in the 12 Months MBA Degree offered Online and start your journey to growth.

Follow up to these steps might be an interview or/and an English proficiency exam.

Are you ready to move forward in your professional life? Apply for your MBA today.

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Prepping for your MBA program is a thrilling time. Keep in mind that your MBA application is complete, and your letters of recommendation are a part of the success story. For more details about the Importance of Online MBA and online education, or what to do when you’re ready to apply, feel free to reach out to our Admissions office today:

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This article on “Doubts students face during MBA application and how to overcome them” has been compiled by Ansh Kumar Farshwal, London School of Business and Research, UK

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