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Enhancing Business Administration Skills and Knowledge at LSBR


The London School of Business and Research (LSBR) has been instrumental in providing high-quality education and accredited qualifications to learners worldwide. This case study highlights the experience of Major Ahmed Asiri, an esteemed professional from the Saudi Embassy in London, who sought to enhance his business administration skills and knowledge through LSBR’s MBA program.


Ahmed Asiri’s Motivation
Ahmed Asiri, a Major at the Saudi Embassy in London, expressed his keen interest in pursuing an MBA program to further his career prospects. Asiri’s passion for logically oriented subjects, such as mathematics, physics, and chemistry, during his high school education, laid the foundation for his pursuit of a career in business administration. His exceptional academic performance and enrollment in the Royal Saudi Air Defense College and King Abdullah Military Academy further solidified his interest in the field.

The Appeal of LSBR

Ahmed Asiri was drawn to the London School of Business and Research due to its prestigious reputation and the comprehensive range of courses it offers. Asiri believed that LSBR’s MBA program would provide him with the necessary core subjects and knowledge to excel in his future career endeavors.

Challenges and Solutions

Time Constraints
Asiri acknowledged that he had numerous commitments and a busy schedule, making it challenging to allocate sufficient time for his studies. However, LSBR’s online learning platform provided the flexibility he needed to balance his professional responsibilities and academic pursuits effectively.

Language Proficiency

Ahmed Asiri recognized the importance of improving his English language skills to excel in the global business landscape. LSBR’s MBA program offered him the opportunity to enhance his English language proficiency, enabling him to communicate effectively and confidently in his future career.

Results and Benefits

Enhanced Knowledge of Business Administration
Through LSBR’s MBA program, Ahmed Asiri gained a comprehensive understanding of key business practices. The program provided him with an overview of various business disciplines, equipping him with the necessary skills to navigate the complexities of the corporate world.

Accredited Qualifications

LSBR’s MBA program is highly regarded and recognized by top employers worldwide. Asiri’s successful completion of the program would earn him a prestigious qualification, further enhancing his professional profile and opening doors to new career opportunities.

Flexibility and Convenience

The online learning platform offered by LSBR allowed Ahmed Asiri to pursue his MBA studies at his own pace and convenience. This flexibility enabled him to balance his demanding professional commitments while acquiring valuable knowledge and skills.

Networking Opportunities

LSBR’s MBA program provided Ahmed Asiri with the opportunity to connect and collaborate with professionals from diverse backgrounds. This networking aspect enriched his learning experience and expanded his professional network, fostering potential collaborations and future career prospects.


Ahmed Asiri’s testimonial highlights the significant impact of LSBR’s MBA program on his business administration skills and knowledge. The flexibility of online learning, coupled with LSBR’s comprehensive curriculum and prestigious qualifications, enabled Asiri to enhance his expertise and prepare for future career advancements. LSBR continues to empower learners worldwide, equipping them with the necessary tools to excel in the dynamic field of business administration.

Master of Business Administration – 12 months

Accredited by Ofqual, UK and IOSH

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