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Factory Tour of Quinze & Milan

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Factory Tour of Quinze & Milan

Factory Tour: Quinze & Milan

A glimpse behind the scenes at Quinze & Milan’s factory in Kortrijk, Belgium.

Factory Tour of Quinze & Milan : Quinze & Milan Designers is a Belgian cult design label and manufacturer of designer furniture founded by Belgian conceptual artist Arne Quinze and Yves Milan, who has since left the company, in 1999

The company’s basic product range consists of pieces for use in public areas, homes and offices. Apart from the company’s own designs, it also manufactures and distributes the works of young designers and established architects, and custom made items.  In 1999, Primary Pouf 01, a block of brightly colored polyurethane foam on legs, kicked off the use of QM Foam, a proprietary material originally developed and produced by the company. QM Foam refers to the result of a chemical reaction between the polyurethane foam shape and different layers, with different compositions, spray painted on to it (foam coating). The label nowadays features as well various collections in wood, fabrics, steel, PE and concrete.  Learners at London School of Business and Research (LSBR) are regularly exposed to the new and innovative approaches to production and creative concepts.  Our students are encouraged to visit various factories and industrial facilities in and around their place of residence to immerse themselves into the actual working environment in these factory setting and to evaluate and suggest ways of improvements as part of their corporate outreach.  This broadens the outlook of our learners.  If for any reason, the learners cannot visit a facility due to some practical reasons, the professors at LSBR assist the learners by showcasing curated videos of the actual working environment at those facilities for the information of the learners.

This Factory Tour of Quinze & Milan in Kortrijk, Belgium is provided for the information of learners by London School of Business and Research, UK

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