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LSBR Blog: How an MBA gives you a Competitive Edge in Global Leadership

How an MBA gives you a Competitive Edge in Global Leadership

The world is fuelled by fast-changing technology, products, information, and jobs spread across various cultures to make our world feel very compact.

LSBR Blog:
How an MBA gives you a competitive edge in global leadership

Regions in all parts of the Earth have the opportunities to participate in the wave of globalisation, allowing the economies to experience growth all over the world. The UN recorded that the world GDP grew from 50 trillion USD in 2000 to 75 trillion USD in 2016, and till the present day, it continues to increase.

This means leadership and working with people across different regions of the world is more common and necessary than was the case in previous generations. Cross-cultural leadership skills are essential for the effectiveness of our global market place. It goes beyond embracing the diversity of culture; it is about learning how healthy and ethical decision-making, management strategies, and cross-cultural communication skills will influence and positively impact your ability to perform well on a global platform.

Learn how MBA fast track courses will prepare you to meet, acquire, and successfully exceed business expectations of the new global economy.

Analytical thinking with a broadened worldview

Humans are inherently biased. It doesn’t mean we are prejudiced; instead, it points out that at times we act from a position of partial information, misinformation, misconception, lack, or inability to look beyond our beliefs. All these can blind us from the actual truth or very rational decision making.

Critical thinking is one of the tools we need to arrive at the best decision possible, despite ourselves and our biased thinking. An important skill to learn as leaders, especially important in a global market place with tremendous cultural differences. By enrolling in an MBA program, you will have the chance to collaborate and learn from different students with diverse cultural backgrounds reflecting different races, ethicist, ages, languages, abilities/ disabilities, gender orientation, beliefs, principles, religious practices, and political perspectives, due to their many socioeconomic status and geographic region. This real-time communication can help you encounter and explore new ideas and thought structures that will improve your critical thinking abilities.

Understanding the science behind business behaviour

During fast track courses and MBA studies, you will conduct research based on behavioural sciences. Behavioural sciences depict why humans act the way they do by examining conclusions from social sciences fields of study like sociology, anthropology, and psychology. In a business scenario, you will learn how employees, managers, and customers make choices by applying behavioural sciences to real-life business applications like:

  • Economics
  • Decision research
  • Consumer research

Behavioural science helps organisations to address bias and instincts, and manage the irrational or subconscious mind. By understanding and reacting appropriately to people’s behaviours, you’d be better equipped to arrive at favourable business outcomes, without restrictions.

Improving Leadership Skills

While earning your MBA, you will have the chance to learn real-world problem solving and leadership techniques that give you a competitive edge in a global environment. Specifically, at LSBR, the Global Focus of the program allow students to build cross-cultural business understanding. The Global Focus program includes initiatives like International Business Development (IBD), Global Network for Advanced Management (GNAM), student clubs and activities, and an exchange program that allow students to:

  • Engage in consulting projects with for-profit and non-profit organisations across the globe
  • Explore business practices in fast-growing emerging nations and developed countries
  • Lead and participate in programs, attend conferences, and conduct research that fosters global understanding and provides opportunities to grow and use your leadership skills
  • Engage with their own organisation and bring about a change in their place of work

By immersing yourself in global initiatives, and taking advantage of travel opportunities, you can make international connections across the globe.

Strengthen your Existing Skillset

Earning an MBA will boost your strategic knowledge, equip you with skills to handle a corporation, innovate and advance ideas and leadership skills, by advancing your leadership skills, you increase your chances of getting top-level positions. You also might see the MBA program to be designed specifically for professionals with a solid understanding of business and leadership.

In the London School of Business and Research MBA program, you can expect to learn leadership techniques specific and particularly useful within high stakes roles in corporations. LSBR students have the opportunity to assess business models, suppliers, competitors, partners, and customers through a global lens, as opposed to a domestic view. Also, the opportunity to apply your findings in real-world settings exists. By earning your MBA, you’ll be able to practice global business strategies and business communication techniques to be ready to jump into a global leadership position with confidence and skill.

Ready to start down the path of global leadership? See how LSBR fast track courses can help you today.

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This article on “How an MBA gives you a competitive edge in global leadership” has been compiled by Ansh Kumar Farshwal, London School of Business and Research, UK

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