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LSBR Blog: How an MBA helps boost your Intrapreneur career – and its limitations

How an MBA helps boost your Intrapreneur career – and its limitations

It is important to begin with a clear expectation of the likelihood of occurrences (what may or may not happen) before you embark on an adventure in your academic, professional, or daily life.  Although there is no roadmap or foot trail to direct you in whichever path you follow, knowing the potential ROI of your options allows you to properly assess and choose the path that aligns with where you ultimately want to go.

How an MBA helps boost your Intrapreneur career – and its limitations

If you are aspiring to be someone who promotes innovative product development and market in a management role, then you must aim for the sky as an intrapreneur.

An intrapreneur is always exploring new ways to become a more confident leader. They constantly seek opportunities to get better coaching and feedback to be better at crafting and executing their obligations.

To become the best business leader and innovator within your company, is it would considering enrolment in an Online MBA, a full-time MBA, or an executive MBA program be worth the investment?

As you assess the criteria for enrolling into most reputable business schools, do take note and be objective about what these programs offer and their limitations. Some of the ways an MBA program would be beneficial (and limiting) to your success on your intrapreneurial journey have been outlined below.

Ways an MBA will boost your intrapreneur career

1. An MBA program introduces you to great ideas and people

When you enrol for an LSBR, UK MBA program. You will be exposed to great ideas, inspiring and dynamic people. People who can positively influence your personal and professional life. You will be around like-minded intrapreneurs in a conducive environment designed for growth and expansion. You will be inspired to find ideas and abilities within yourself, and you’ll get the chance to learn from real-life business leaders. Similarly, you will get to work with other inspiring students and working professionals from all over the world and boost other passionate thinkers who want to develop successful products and effectively help bring them to market.

2. An MBA program help you broaden your novel perspective

Design thinking courses and your participation in collaborative business projects also top MBA programs will teach you how to turn your unique intrapreneurial perspective into professional business models. The LSBR provides an MBA program that teaches you how to come up with strategic plans that launch into great measurable results. You will develop a wholesome understanding of global and economic knowledge through your course work, teamwork, project, interactions with people, which goes beyond your work experience and knowledge. This newly acquired knowledge will broaden your business perspective, consequently ensuring that whichever idea you bring within your company will be warmly received.

3. An MBA program provides measures for taking risks

Risk-taking is a very important ingredient of every successful business person in any reputable corporation, irrespective of the size. Intrapreneurs take risks, and these risks have to be well calculated and based on reliable theories and projections. LSBR will teach you how to create valuable data-based business models that are very sustainable, and equip you with the necessary tools to take risks on your intrapreneurial path.


How an MBA helps boost your Intrapreneur career – and its limitations

Ways an MBA will NOT boost your intrapreneur career

1. An MBA will NOT hand you a million-dollar idea

Business school is the best place to learn how to work with teams and organisations. When you walk into a business school, you walk into a business spirit-filled environment. While earning your MBA, it will expose you to experience advanced learning and leadership development, chances to pitch productive business ideas in front of other intrapreneurs. But when it comes to ideation, it comes from acquiring more knowledge about your industry, and its market needs, that’s not something that even top MBA programs can do for you. Earning an MBA will empower you with tools for creating and building ideas, increasing the chances for a successful business, but the ideas and concepts come from you.

2. An MBA will NOT give you ambition

MBA is a special academic experience that teaches the fundamentals of general business management, sharpening of leadership skills, and how to act on concrete evidence and analysis. As a result of this, you will feel more confident. If you are looking forward to jumpstarting your ambition, getting an MBA is not going to jumpstart your ambitions for you. You need to feed on your intrinsic desire and wild passion to stay motivated, and for also carrying you through the adversities intrapreneurs face. If you are to have any chance at success, the motivation and determination must come from you.

3. An MBA will NOT guarantee a salary boost

Earning an MBA will boost your strategic knowledge, equip you with skills to handle a corporation, innovate, and advance ideas and thoughts within your organisation. However, earning this degree will not guarantee that you get a salary boost or make loads of money. It is difficult to equalise an MBA to a specific dollar amount. Earning your MBA from a reputable business school like London School of Business and Research, UK will give you the tools and method necessary to raise money to fund brilliant ideas.

Participating in programs like capitalist ventures, investors, mentors, corporate breakfast series, mock funding at the London School of Business, and Research, UK, will help you build a fundable corporation.

Considering your decision to enrol in a Business school, it is crucial that you have the right expectations. Although earning an MBA degree won’t bring business success in a flash, it will equip and build you with the required tools to give it your best.

Are you looking for a good business school that specifically supports intrapreneurs? Explore how an LSBR MBA can empower you to become a successful innovator within your company.

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