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LSBR Blog: How to excel in a Video Interview

How to excel at Video Interviews

Video interviews are becoming increasingly popular. A recent study conducted by Software Advice revealed that well over half of all hiring managers and recruiters make use of video interviews in evaluating potential new employees. The LSBR MBA program is well aware of these statistics and is well vested in the modern interview process and trends.

How to excel at Video Interviews: In lieu of in-person interviews, interviewees are required to submit 1-2 minutes of video answers to two specific questions. For the first question, the interviewee will share reasons as to why he/she is seeking an MBA degree and why London School of Business and Research (LSBR), UK is the best fit. The second question will ask them to share their leadership experience.

We arranged for a short Question and Answer sessions with An Associate Director of Admissions, who help in reviewing these video interviews with other members of the admissions team.

Interview tips for applicants?

Do not be nervous or concerned; work on your emotions. It’s a relatively straightforward process.  Effectively Practice using the technology before you start the interview to ensure you are very comfortable starting and stopping the video and can recognise how much time is left. Ensure you have a reliable internet connection and find a quiet spot with no unexpected interruptions and distractions. Think about the expected topics for discussion ahead of time. It is also okay to have notes to refer to; it brings comfortability.

Speak comfortably and naturally. Recognise that it’s one small piece of your application. While the video interview is essential, it’s not much of a big deal, and it is quick, not time-consuming. Other aspects of your application would be considered, and you would not solely be assessed on your performance in these 2-4 minutes.

How does this make the interview process easier?

The video interview is quick and brief, and it’s only for a couple of minutes. We consider you are busy or have a busy schedule. You don’t need to find time in the middle of your workday to come to our business venues for interviews. It is particularly better suited for our out of town candidates.

What insight does the admissions team hope to gain?

In simple words, we want concise answers to the two questions. We’re looking forward to seeing how well you can organize your thoughts. Express yourself, show off your verbal communication skills. Show off your way of approach and attractive traits. The video interview and online MBA programs allow you to show parts of your fabulous personality that would otherwise have been hidden in your application.

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Prepping for your MBA program is a thrilling time. Keep in mind that your MBA application is complete, and your letters of recommendation are a part of the success story. For more details about the Importance of Online MBA and online education, or what to do when you’re ready to apply, feel free to reach out to our Admissions office today:

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This article on “How to excel at Video Interviews” has been compiled by Ansh Kumar Farshwal, London School of Business and Research, UK

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