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Learn about your professional personality

Learn about your professional personality.

A career that is a good fit for your personality will help you grow.

A happy work-life balance in your twenties and thirties is a rare but significant blessing. As many people continue to struggle with adjusting to new jobs and careers, you must first understand your personality before embarking on a career in any field. Most students in our country are unaware of a service like career counselling. In fact, only a small percentage of students have access to career counselling, resulting in a large number of people regretting their career decisions throughout their lives. We need to provide career counselling to as many students as possible in order to reduce this crowd.

Several advantages

When you choose a career that matches your personality, you will create a fulfilling, satisfying, and healthy environment at work. This will also assist you in growing and learning. The inverse of this, on the other hand, will make your work life stressful and unfulfilling, affecting your personal life as well. When you choose the right path to begin your career, you will gain benefits such as an easy environment to adjust to, better workplace performance, higher job satisfaction, and the opportunity to explore your strengths and weaknesses.

Recognize your own personality

The resulting connection with your colleagues and clients will be an important aspect of having a job that matches your personality. People with an extrovert and outgoing personality would excel in fields that require a great deal of human interaction and relations. Entertainment, media journalism, public relations sales, communication, travel-related professions, and so on can be ideal jobs for extroverts and expressive people. People who are sensitive and have an empathetic approach to life, on the other hand, would enjoy working within the community, where they can help and nurture society. Community services, self-help groups, orphanages, old – age homes, and mental health support groups will be appropriate places for people who allow empathy to guide them. There are numerous NGOs and organizations in India that do facial work in both cities and remote locations. People who are private, introverts, shy, find it stressful to interact with too many people, and prefer to work within their immediate surroundings have a variety of options to suit their personality type. IT, research associates, fine arts, accounting, reviewing scripts and books, and content writing are common job preferences for such people.

Understand your limitations.

It is critical to look beyond the topic of any potential career. This will assist you in understanding the responsibilities and social interactions required, as well as whether your personality traits match these tasks. For example, no matter how enthusiastic you are about event management, leading a team of people in the field will be difficult for you if you have a reserved and shy personality. Similarly, while helping society may be the only thing you want to do, you must first understand the importance of empathy before venturing into that territory. We cannot find the ideal career path for ourselves unless we understand the feelings that drive us and the characteristics that govern us. You may have a preference for one field, but there is a chance that you would excel in another. We can’t push ourselves if we don’t know where our creative boundaries are. Our personal life, mental health, financial stability, and work-life balance will all fall into place the moment we ensure that our personality is a good fit for a job.

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