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Online Education Management and Training courses

Education and Training Courses

Some of the best online education and training courses

Education and Training Courses

We offer many innovative programmes from which graduating students go on to secure employment in a range of exciting and rewarding education-related careers. These includes: teaching, counselling, education psychology, social work, educational administration, local education authority support, professional development and management training.
These programmes will equip you with the knowledge, skills, experiences and graduate attributes to support the education of children and young people in a variety of different education settings.Β  You will also gain a deep understanding of the role of education in a diverse society in the UK and internationally.

The Course supports you in developing an in-depth applied knowledge and understanding of schooling and of the wider world of education.

Why you choose LSBR for your education

100% Online

The qualifications at LSBR are 100% Online


Advance your career

74% say their qualification played a vital role in their career advancement.


Increase your salary

78% increase their earning potential within a year.


Cost Effective

Typically British degree starts from GBP Β£14,000 per annum, but with LSBR, you enjoy saving upto 60% on your educational investment.

Enhance your credibility

The qualification is fully accredited and recognised and add values to your educational profile.


All assessments are done via submission of assignments / dissertation project.


Live tutor support via Chat and email for qualifications delivered by us.

Super Charge your Future

Apply Today for your much needed Bachelor's and Master's Qualifications - All delivered Online

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