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Teresa Balparda’s Journey to Professional Growth


In this case study, we will explore Teresa Balparda’s experience with the London School of Business and Research (LSBR) and how it has helped her enhance her professional opportunities. Teresa, a 26-year-old international studies graduate from Ukraine, was seeking a course or master’s program to further her education and career prospects.


Teresa had been searching for a self-paced and online program that would fit her busy schedule and provide her with valuable knowledge and skills. She came across LSBR and was immediately drawn to the flexibility and content of their courses. Determined to improve her qualifications and seize better opportunities, Teresa decided to enroll in LSBR’s program.

Challenges and Goals

As a learner at LSBR, Teresa faced the challenge of balancing her work at an international company in the supply chain department while pursuing her studies. She was responsible for executing and developing various projects, including the delivery and submission project. Teresa saw the potential in LSBR’s course to not only enhance her qualifications but also improve her ability to execute projects effectively.

LSBR’s Solution

LSBR’s online course provided Teresa with the perfect opportunity to enhance her professional skills while maintaining a flexible schedule. The self-paced nature of the program allowed her to study at her own convenience, fitting her studies around her work commitments. This aspect was particularly appealing to Teresa, as she mentioned, “not only because it’s self-paced, which actually is very useful at the time of my life, but also because it’s online.”

Results and Benefits

Teresa firmly believed that LSBR’s course would be instrumental in improving her professional opportunities. She expressed her confidence, stating, “I truly believe this will be very helpful and will improve my professional opportunities.” By acquiring new knowledge and skills through LSBR, Teresa aimed to not only enhance her qualifications but also execute projects more effectively in her role.


Teresa Balparda’s journey with LSBR exemplifies the positive impact that online education can have on professional growth. Through LSBR’s self-paced and flexible course, Teresa was able to enhance her qualifications and improve her ability to execute projects in her supply chain role. LSBR’s commitment to providing accredited qualifications online to learners worldwide has empowered individuals like Teresa to pursue their educational and career goals.
If you are looking to enhance your professional opportunities and acquire valuable skills, consider exploring the range of courses offered by LSBR. Just like Teresa, you too can embark on a journey of growth and success.
Note: The testimonial provided has been edited for clarity and coherence.

Diploma in Project Management – Level 7

Accredited by Ofqual, UK and IOSH

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