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LSBR Blog: The secrets to succeeding in Silicon Valley for Women in technology

The secrets to succeeding in Silicon Valley for Women in technology

Over time there has been a lot in the media about the everyday challenges women are faced with in Silicon Valley and the world of technology generally. Since a lot of women here at LSBR have come from the tech world or are looking to break into the technology world. A leading technology club quizzed three female executives about the criteria for succeeding in Silicon Valley.

The secrets to succeeding in Silicon Valley for Women in technology

The executives that were invited to this chat were Vice President of Visa’s Global HR); Netflix’s Director of Product Innovation, and Kevala Inc. Vice President of Product. Here are some significant insights on view;

1. Wage

When negotiating the pay rate for a new office position, it is advisable not to reveal your former salary. Instead, quote a reasonable market rate unless your prior wage is higher than the available market rate. When negotiating for a salary raise, do not start comparing numbers with other people, instead focus intensely on your scope of work and worth, which will, in turn, ensure you are adequately compensated.

2. Workplace culture

There are a couple of questions that would aid the understanding of what type of company culture you are walking into, working with, or operating in. Some questions like:

  • “What does success look like?”;
  • “What does innovation look like?”;
  • “How can I be successful?”;
  • “Who is a successful person?”;
  • “Who is not a successful person?”.

This inquisition can help to determine whether the company culture is right for you.

Often, Silicon Valley admires great and unique attributes that are outwardly apparent in men and women.

To succeed in Silicon Valley, it is imperative to be authentic. Do not dwell so much on how others perceive you. Be open-minded, candid, and do not self-censor, low self-esteem limit or degrade you.

3. Speak up

Learn to talk about yourself and speak up for your work. Because you worked discreetly and quietly doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be acknowledged. Also, be an advocate for others. Talk about what a significant contribution they’ve made. Give reference to those who have earned it. Appreciate those who worked with you.

Give words of appraisal such as;I worked with the team.”

When in a meeting and you have something to say, always share your views. It’s important to share your point of view. By not doing so, it may not be clear if you disagree or agree or whose side you are on. It is okay to be wrong, but always share your view if you have an opinion or contribution.

4. Leverage on all resources

Go to meet-ups, join a developer community, join social groups, you don’t need social distancing. Join the networks, keep up with tech trends, the latest, what’s happening and going on. Listen to podcasts such as Radical Candor. 

Be flexible. Strong. Steadfast. Agile. Competent. Smart. Purpose Driven. Focus.

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This article on “The secrets to succeeding in Silicon Valley for Women in technology field” has been compiled by Ansh Kumar, London School of Business and Research, UK

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