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What effect has Covid – 19 had on educational and learning systems?

What effect has Covid – 19 had on educational and learning systems?

Inadequate internet access, a scarcity of smartphones and laptops resulted in disturbed pedagogical practises at schools.

To assess Covid – 19’s impact on the educational system, one must first comprehend the many types of educational institutes that exist in India. Let us begin with elementary education. As of 2018, more over half of the population still attends a government school. There is inadequate infrastructure and teaching methods are rudimentary; the main inducement for students is a free mid-day lunch. Education in this sector has ceased to exist. Central and state government-owned boarding schools that provide a high-quality education to the poorest members of society have also been disproportionately impacted, as their students lack access to wireless broadband and devices.

Configuration of the classroom

Learners attending private schools have also been impacted. Because education is about more than imparting knowledge; it is also about developing character, the most prominent schools are proud of their traditions. As a result, high school learners were forced to forego the learning that occurs outside of the prescribed curriculum. The positions of class monitors, school prefects, house captains, and presidents have all been eliminated. Learners who excelled in sports are now confined to their homes. Academically minded learners have a harder time concentrating at home than they do in a classroom setting.

Pre-recorded videos have enriched pedagogy: the use of internet tools such as Mentimeter and breakout rooms has aided teachers in developing a better understanding of their learners.

The significance of self-education

Learners are now using search engines to research topics introduced in class by the teacher. Over time, the Indian education system deteriorated into an exam-based system in which the teaching-learning process was centred on exam acing. With examinations losing their rigour and pupils becoming more familiar with the capabilities of search engines, self-learning has become the norm. Learners frequently complained about not having enough time to complete required projects. Now, the quality of projects submitted by school-aged pupils has improved. On the other hand, the transition to online education has not been easy for teachers. Teachers have developed, as has the process of teaching-learning. The addition of pre-recorded videos has expanded the pedagogy. In the higher education sector, government-run institutions have been badly harmed by the lack of internet access. In the first wave, a few eminent institutes (IE) let learners to live on campus and utilize college infrastructure. However, the second wave of learners pushed these learners to return home. Private colleges with a bigger enrollment have embraced online education and aggressively trained its educators to better manage courses. Peer learning has been shown to be critical in the teaching and learning process. However, obstacles between classmates’ virtual contacts have harmed pupils’ ability to learn from one another.

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