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Maximise Your Potential with our Innovative Online MBA from LSBR, UK

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London School of Business and Research, UK's Premier Online Business School
London School of Business and Research (LSBR) is UK’s premier online business school and offer some of the popular top selling diploma and degree courses which are accredited by UK awarding bodies and are globally recognisedΒ and delivered to you in 100% online mode through our state of the art Learning Management System.

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Why Choose LSBR

LSBR offers you the opportunity to enhance your career and growth in your life. You do not have to leave your current job or bring changes in your lifestyle to gain a qualification you have been waiting for. Our top selling online degrees and diploma courses are simple, flexible and can be taken at any stage of your career. The courses are designed for working professionals.

Career growth

95% of our graduates are in employment or further study within 6 months of graduating


Increase your salary

78% increase their earning potential within a year.


Advance your career

74% say their qualification played a vital role in their career advancement


Cost Effective

Typically British degree starts from GBP Β£14,000 per annum, but with LSBR, you enjoy saving upto 60% on your educational investment.

Our top selling MBA degree programmes delivered from the United Kingdom’s capital city of London

London School of Business and Research is based in London, which is one of the world’s most dynamic cities.Β  It gives you an unmatched chance to expand your worldwide network. Consider enrolling in our top selling MBA programme and tap into your full potential.

Set sail on an adventure of digital education with our online MSc and MA Degree programmes

Contribute to a thriving online community, acquire relevant skills, develop new business competencies, and develop the confidence necessary to grow your organisation and grow your career with our top selling Masters of Sciences and Master of Arts qualifications

Top selling degree pathway programmes in London

Utilise your potential. Acquire the knowledge, skills, and confidence necessary to advance to a general management position.
Enrol in a comprehensive postgraduate curriculum which gives you a stepping stone to the degree pathways and pave the way for you to prepare for the future.
Top Selling Fast Track Courses

Accelerate your career – get qualified in just 6 months or less with our top selling online courses

You now have an option to accelerate your career with our fast track online qualifications where you have a flexibility to complete your diploma course in 6 months or less.

LSBR Online Bachelors Diploma in Information Technology (12 Months)

Student Testimonials

See what our students have to say
Student testimonial from Joshua, Learner at LSBR, UK

I feel very confident after graduating with level 6 Diploma in IT. Thank you LSBR

Joshua, Learner

Student testimonial from Laila Hameed, Learner at LSBR, UK

My course was flexible, holds review sessions and is really fair with grading

Laila Hameed, Learner

Student testimonial from Joseph Jr., Learner at LSBR, UK

Nice programme. Got a job after completing my level 6 diploma in tourism

Joseph Jr., Learner

Student testimonial from Katie Brown, Learner at LSBR, UK

I would love to recommend LSBR programme in Hospitality management

Katie Brown, Learner

Student testimonial from Tracy Goodluck, Learner at LSBR, UK

Best for working people who need accredited qualification to move up in their career.

Tracy, Learner, BSc (Hons) Management

Student testimonial from Maggi Estel, Learner at LSBR, UK

Good program. I was able to cope up with the schedule. It was a breeze.

Maggi Estel, Learner

LSBR Student Blog

Dive Deeper into the LSBR Student Blog: Your Online Learning Companion

The LSBR student blog isn’t just an information hub; it’s your interactive companion on your online learning adventure with the London School of Business and Research. Below are some of our top read blog posts.
  • The difference between IOSH and NEBOSH courses primarily lies in their scope, target audience, and depth of content. IOSH (Institution of Occupational Safety and Health) courses are designed to provide a broad overview of health and safety practices suitable for

  • What is health care management degree? A healthcare management degree is a programme that equips you with the skills and knowledge to oversee the business and administrative side of healthcare facilities. People with these degrees don't directly provide patient care, but

  • Mastering Cybersecurity: The Road to Expertise with a Level 7 Diploma at LSBR Introduction: In an era where digital threats loom large, cybersecurity has become a critical field, and professionals equipped with advanced skills are in high demand. A Level 7 Diploma

  • Navigating Excellence: Decoding the Significance of Level 7 and 4 Qualifications at LSBR Introduction: In the realm of education, Level 7 and Level 4 qualifications stand as pillars of advanced learning, offering individuals opportunities to deepen their knowledge and skills. This article

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